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24 December 2012 @ 10:45 am

Tomomi here ((*¨)。゜
Up until today, we've had lessons but from tomorrow, we'll have three days holidays for Obon ~♪♪ I think I just want to sleep the entire time (★'v`艸)。+゜LOL
But, I've got school homework, which sucks ↓↓ But it would be good if there was a school where they didn't have homework, hey ~♪♪

The picture is just something I managed to take at my house!

With that ~ Byebye☆★☆

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30 September 2012 @ 01:09 am

Rina hereヽ(・∀.)丿

I had a takoyaki partyョ(・_*)ノ yesterday pq..)笑

Everyone, have you been to a takoyaki partyy?%

In my family、we eat it with a lot of different fillings、including octopus of course☆!

Things like cheese or mochi、or
well~ there are a lot of tihngs☆笑{$)

Well~what about this one?

Kara Mucho(笑o+゜

【Eh↓ no way↓】
you're probably thinkingヾ(∀(゜∀゜)∀゜)I think I've been tricked once 、please try it☆ haha

It's amazingly delicious, you know (*б< )
If you can, please try it okay~(。Д+)b
By the way…if you have any recommendations please tell me。
Yes。Please teach me, okay (、ロ`pq haha

Well then~
Bye bye☆!

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30 October 2011 @ 09:11 pm

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30 October 2011 @ 09:06 pm
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24 July 2011 @ 08:18 pm


Rina here (°_・)

Today, we've been having band practice since morning(屮-x・◆)*
It really came together with a bang P3`)g⌒☆
As always, it was fun 2☆!

When we finished practice, we had dinner -- kimchi stew √*`O冖x)
It was hot ~ and spicy~ but delicious σ?^

Today's photo is of Tomo and the kimchi stew ☆*Oo.(人UωU◎) I took the photo without saying anything but she's so cute and went along with it ☆笑☆!

While we were eating today, we talked about a lot of things (笑o+゜

Or something like that..
Tomorrow, we also want to do our best ッ★
Today we're about here... ◎・艸<`)
|ω`)/~{see y0u...))
That's all from Rina☆!

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^ Anyone got any suggestions on this line?

Comments are always ♥

ラブラブ Props to tsunvun86 for the signout phrase XD
17 July 2011 @ 08:14 pm


Good eveningg~♪♪
Tomorrow, I have band practice with the two from Nagoya */∀\* I'm really looking forward to it ☆ Playing music with them is really interesting, you know  ~★
We took this picture after our lessons, and tried our best when taking it!! She's not balancing precariously on my arm, though...
Tomomi  (●*'3`b)b

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This one's a bit ... off in places, I feel. f(^_^)
17 July 2011 @ 08:14 pm


Get Day 2♪♪

Haruna here!

Nagoya GET has finished ~ (>_<。)

Everyone who came to see us★
Really, thank you so muchッ(o^_^o)

Today I ran into some trouble but I was able to successfully save myself ... I guess?? LOL

We did an encore today as well, I was so happy!

Everyone was crying in the stage wings  f(^_^)

I feel lonely now that it's over~ ↓↓

Look forward to next year, okay ッ★+゜

From tomorrow, I'm going to throw myself into guitar practise ♪♪
I'll do my best (o^_^o)

Ja, byebye ↑↑

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Tomomi here (★'v`艸)。+゜

Today, I had band practice with everyone ♪♪ It was really fun ☆
Starting from tomorrow, we'll all be staying together for a week to practise~!! Moreover, seems like we'll be cooking for ourselves ... I can't cook, so I intend to line up our shoes. ~.∀.~ LOL
I heard Nagoya GET was a success~☆ Osaka won't lose either -- we'll do our best so please come and see us!! Thank you for your support ♪♪

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17 July 2011 @ 08:10 pm


Today, we had a new member, Rina, join the band ~(★'v`艸)。+゜
Rina's a drummer!! She's definitely a hard worker, you knoww ☆★☆ Even though she's in third grade in middle school, she's more mature than I am~!! It's wonderful!!
From now on, the four of us will try our very best ッ#=´∀`=#

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Note: Third grade in middle school means that she's in year nine/ninth grade. ^^